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4 Tips To Help You Get A Low Interest Loan

In the challenge of balancing the bills monthly, sometimes some people wind up falling for expensive credit like overdraft and credit card. In this situation, the loan is a good solution to pay less interest and settle the bills quickly. The main concern should be the search for low interest loans.

Even with the greatest credit constraint on banks, it is still possible to make a good deal by applying for a loan.

Follow this post and see 4 tips to help you get low interest loans.


1. Compare rates at different financial institutions

financial rates at different financial institutions

This is the most basic recommendation, as researching and comparing values ​​is essential to any financial planning. When hiring a loan, do not turn your attention only to the bank that you are already a customer or more used to doing business.

Several labor classes, such as civil servants, for example, are entitled to differentiated conditions in some financials. Try to find out about the best opportunities to make a loan that fits in your pocket.


2. Prefer payroll loans

payroll loans

In this type of credit, the amount of the installments is written off monthly directly from the payroll. To join a payroll loan plan, you need to be formally working in a company that has an agreement with banks that offer this service. It can also be done by retirees and pensioners in the INSS.

With the guarantee of repayment of installments directly at source, payroll deductible loans offer reduced rates and is a good option for those looking for low interest loans.


3. Anticipate Your 13th Salary

3. Anticipate Your 13th Salary

Like the payroll loan, this is also a type of credit that is guaranteed by part of your income, which is salary. However, the consequences of this business must be very well analyzed.

Even offering reduced rates, the anticipation of 13th salary can end up causing some problems. If the employer delays the payment of the benefit, the debtor will be charged by the loan to his checking account, even the risk of not having sufficient resources to pay the debt. This can cause you to curl up on overdraft., So look closely to see if the anticipation of the 13th salary is a good deal for you.


4. Anticipate refund of income tax

income tax

A good way to get low interest loans is by offering payment guarantees to the financial institution, as you may have realized. Therefore, anticipating income tax refund offers reduced rates and is another option you might consider.

But be careful not to fall into the fine mesh! If there are problems in your declaration, the expected value of the refund may decrease or even become frozen.

Research and know your financial situation well before looking for a loan. Avoid acting on emotion so as not to curl up more than the moment you contracted the credit.

If you have any questions or tips on how to get a low interest loan, enjoy it and leave it to us in the comments.