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Bank popular car loan: compare it at the best rates.

Bank popular car credit is like our study on bank popular credit: different according to regions and according to applicants. bank popular brings together several independent regional bank popular banks. On the other hand, as with most banks, consumer credit, and therefore auto credit, is not their greatest specialty.

Bank popular car loan: understanding the offer

Bank popular car loan: understanding the offer

Bank popular car loan is known as personal car loan. This is a bit surprising since the personal loan generally corresponds to an unrestricted loan and therefore not to a car loan. Indeed, the car loan is a credit assigned to a sale. In other words, the money can only be used to buy the car. To obtain a bank popular car loan, you will need to apply for a personal car loan.

The bank popular car loan is open to financing new and used cars. However, you should know that if you intend to buy a used vehicle, the used car credit rates are slightly higher than those of new car credit.

The main features of the bank popular car loan are:

  • Finance new or used cars
  • Can take charge of 100% of the purchase (can be a credit without contribution)
  • Duration: 4 to 84 months
  • Amount: up to 50,000 USD

It is not possible to specify the rate of the bank popular car loan precisely because each regional entity in the group does not necessarily charge the same rate. We will still do a car loan comparison using a specific regional fund as an example.

Important : In general, banks do not have a very developed faculty to accept customer files that they do not already know. Indeed, the credit of banks is rather reserved for their own customers and even generally for the best among them.

Compare bank popular car loan

Compare bank popular car loan

We tried to find a solution to be able to compare bank popular car loans with the best offers on the market. When you are a credit comparator, you do not remake yourself.

To get there, we decided to take the example of the bank popular car loan. Note immediately that the car credit simulator that is offered on their website is rather very well done and effective compared to that of other banks that we will not mention.

We took the example of buying a new car for $ 20,000 to be reimbursed over 60 months. Without doubt one of the most requested auto financing (statement made in July 2017):

Fixed taeg rate for bank popular car loan: 3.40% monthly payment: $ 362.49 credit cost: $ 1,749.60
Fixed taeg rate best car loan on the market: 3.00% monthly payment: $ 359.01 credit cost: $ 1,540.60

Objectively, the bank popular car loan is interesting and would have been on the podium in our ranking of the best car loans, but not in first place.