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Fast and discreet express loans without Credit Bureau – Car loans

Whoever takes out a loan needs money. As a rule, borrowers also need the amount relatively quickly, for example, to finance a car or the new washing machine. Banks – insofar as they modestly respond to the loan request – rarely convince with really quick payment of the loan amount.

Instant loans are becoming increasingly popular. However, anyone who has no chance of getting a loan from their house bank and other credit institutions because of poor creditworthiness needs an alternative. Urgent loans without Credit Bureau are such and available at Good Finance for private individuals and companies at attractive conditions.

Which vehicles can I pledge for my express credit without Credit Bureau?


We grant rush loans without Credit Bureau to our customers if they use a motor vehicle as a deposit. It does not have to be a car deposit. In addition to cars, we accept other vehicles that we store in an insured building that is well protected throughout the vehicle pawnshop.

At Good Finance you are also right if you want to lend a motorcycle or a classic car or historical vehicles for a mortgage without Credit Bureau. We also accept trucks, campers and boats as a vehicle deposit to have a countervalue for your instant loan. Do you have a different vehicle than the ones mentioned? No problem. Just talk to us about it.

At which locations can I apply for a Credit Bureau-free loan from Good Finance?

Urgent loans without Credit Bureau are in high demand throughout Germany. It is not yet so far that we offer our service in the entire federal territory, but we currently have 7 different locations that are limited to the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Bavaria. As a result, we cover a considerable part of the southwest.

Our car pawn shops are located in Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Frankfurt am Main as well as Rosenheim, Munich and recently also Karlsruhe. If you are neither from one of these cities nor from the surrounding area, this does not have to be an obstacle for your car pawnshop. Our employees also travel long distances. Just contact us!

How can you get rush loans without Credit Bureau query?

How can you get rush loans without Schufa query?

Our customers receive quick loans without Credit Bureau quickly and without bureaucracy. Tell us by phone or fax the model, the first registration and mileage, if necessary extras and the vehicle condition. We use this information to calculate the vehicle deposit value and, based on that, the amount of your instant loan without Credit Bureau. If you accept our loan offer, we only have to find an appointment for the transfer.

Since we take the term express credit seriously, this appointment may take place on the same working day. In addition to the vehicle, please bring documents such as the vehicle registration document, the de-registration certificate or repair documents with you. After signing your contract, you will receive your Credit Bureau-free express credit in cash.

Is there a fixed term?

Urgent loans without Credit Bureau are initially associated with a regular term at Good Finance. This is 3 months, which experience has shown is a reasonable period of time for our customers. However, we would like to offer our service as customer-friendly as possible, which is why we are actually dealing with a flexible term.

With Good Finance, you can extend it by another 3 months if you pay all the loan costs that have accrued to date. Of course, we will not put any obstacles in your way if you want to trigger your vehicle early. This can be the case if you suddenly get money. Finally, you can also sell us your entire vehicle.

What distinguishes the express credit without a Credit Bureau query?

What distinguishes the express credit without a Schufa query?

Urgent loans without Credit Bureau have actually earned their name at Good Finance. Depending on your and our schedule, you will ideally receive your instant credit on the same day. In addition, we do not include Credit Bureau or other credit agencies in the decision-making process.

Only the value of the vehicle you use as a deposit determines how high your deposit loan will ultimately be. At the same time, this means that any negative Credit Bureau entries are irrelevant. We are not interested in your income situation and whether you have other loans. With us you get a real express credit without Credit Bureau, which refers to your vehicle without exception. Good Finance-parole.

What will this cost me?

We can offer you our express loans without Credit Bureau, but the loans cannot be arranged free of charge. But don’t worry: we guarantee that you will get a Credit Bureau-free instant loan at Good Finance on fair terms. We present them to you transparently. The cost structure is made up of 3 components: In addition to the loan fees and interest, our customers also pay a parking fee, which varies depending on the vehicle and is billed daily.

The other two items are due every month. Lend your vehicle now and secure short-term liquidity with a cash express express credit without Credit Bureau at Good Finance!